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patio and sliding doors are available in most homes that want maximum visibility and light. We provide repair or maintenance services for patio glass doors. The most common problem of sliding patio doors is the roller being worn out or bent over time, and as a result they should be replaced to avoid damage to the frame of the door. It is important to note that in case of damaged rollers you should replace both rollers and avoid calling a technician and paying extra for the second roller.  

Sliding doors can be found these days in every house, home, office, loft etc 

They are easy to use, they brighten the room and they are stylish. 

Because we use our sliding doors frequently they tend to wear out. The tracks get sticky, the track gets dirty, the wheels get stuck on the truck, locking device get jammed and much more problems that make the door become un functional or hard to move. 

We recommend to call a door company as  soon as you notice your door is not operating smoothly to prevent other parts of the door get damaged and save you extra money to repair.