Garage Doors is our passion, and garage door repair is one of our specialties.

Since 2010, we've repaired hundred of garage doors in Surrey, BC Area and continue to provide the best customer experience in Surrey, White Rock and Langley area. In fact, more than 10,000 customers (and counting) can vouch for us. With tons of 5-star garage door repair reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook, you'll see we aren't just your ordinary garage door repair company - we are THE garage door repair company you can trust for life.

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We are equipped to handle the most common garage door repair services by keeping our fleet stocked with the most common garage door parts on each of our trucks. When you find out your garage door won't open, call us immediately and we will send experienced technicians out to get the job done right the first time. Trust me, we've heard horror stories from our customers and have corrected many mistakes that other companies have left behind.

Garage Door Repair


garage door spring replacement surrey

In our urban environment many things can break but none of them are frustrating as broken garage door spring. broken spring will cause the garage door to fail to open leaving your car either inside or outside. 


garage door opener repair surrey

Let us give you an expert diagnosis of your inoperable garage door motor including options to repair and replacement of your unit with the latest models 


garage door roller replacement surrey

Is your garage loud and noisy when in operation? Replace your old worn out rollers with premium nylon rollers that keep operation smooth and quiet. You will love the difference 


garage door cable repair surrey

Garage door cables are an essential component. When your cable comes off or snaps in two, call us out and we'll replace it in no time. 


garage door panel repair surrey

We have access to all the popular garage door makes and models and we can replace individual damaged sections. Call in for more info and pricing options. 


garage door off track repair surrey

If your garage door is off track or misaligned, call the pros out to safely lift and repair your garage door. we will provide you with 24/7 Emergency Garage door repair if your Garage Door Is off tracks 

Garage Door Services

Surrey Doors Ltd Garage Door Repair is your one stop shop for surrey Commercial Garage Door Repairs. we are available 24/7 for service. We specialize in diagnosing and repairing. you can trust  our expertise and be sure we will get you back on track.       Our services 

  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Roller Repairs
  • Spring and Cable Replacement
  • Panel Repairs
  • Out of Balance/Off-track Correction

 Whatever the issue with your commercial garage door, our trained technicians can help. We offer FREE estimates and same day service, and the best service in Surrey area. Call us today and we’ll take care of the rest. 

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Garage door spring repair Surrey

Additional Information


Un noticeable as garage door springs seems they are actually a crucial part to operate your garage door.

Garage door springs fail from many reasons such as ware and tiny cracks over years of constant changing pressures, weather changes and poor maintenance.

The springs are the most important part of the Door system. The spring is the part that actually lifts the door up, not the opener. When the garage door shuts, the spring tension is high, while when opening the door then spring pressure drops.  CALL US Today to replace your broken spring Surrey.

There are two types of garage door spring: Extension springs and torsion springs. the garage door spring has many different sizes to fit the size and weight of the garage door. Our technicians are highly professional, experienced and know how to Identify which springs your door requires 

Spring Cycles

  • 1 Cycle = Opening & Closing of the Door
  • Standard garage door Torsion springs build for 10,000 cycles 
  • We offer upgraded high cycle Torsion springs with 25K, 50K, 100K cycles

Cycles a Day Vs. Years 

on standart 10K spring

  • 2 Cycles - 13-14 Years
  • 4 Cycles - 7-8 Years
  • 8 Cycles - 4-5 Years 

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